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Learning resources for SSC and HSSC


This page allows you to search for resources that are relevant to you. Use the search bars provided below to customize your search for syllabi, subject-wise learning resource guides and concept maps.

Some general resources include Setting up Science Laboratories: Basic Guidelines, Command Word Guide (Urdu version)​, SSC Scheme of StudiesHSSC Scheme of Studies, Booklist for SSC​ and Booklist for HSSC.


  • Annual and Re-sit Examinations in 2021 will be based on the Rationalised Examination Specifications. You can search rationalised syllabus for 2021 through​: 
 - ​​​​​Select your ​programme
 - Select your grade
 - Under Examination Year, select Revised Exam Specifications 2021
 - Under Subject, select Syllabus Rationalization

  • “The revised syllabi (2018) of Civics, Ethics, Computer Science, Literature in English, Principles of Commerce, Banking, Home Economics, Food and Nutrition and General Mathematics will be assessed for Grades IX and XI from April/ May 2020 and for Grades XI and XII from April/ May 2021.

  • The revised syllabi (2019) of Art and Model Drawing, Fine Arts, Sociology, Commercial Geography, Business Mathematics and Statistics, General Science, Environmental Studies, Sindhi, Urdu Asaan will be assessed for Grades IX and XI from April/ May 2021 and Grades X and XII from April/ May 2022.

  • Candidates from Sindh may appear in Urdu Aasan in SSC-I and in Sindhi in SSC-II examination in lieu of Urdu Compulsory.

  • Non- Muslim students may opt for Ethics in ​lieu of Islamiyat

  • Foreign students may opt for History and Geography of Pakistan in SSC and Pakistan Culture in HSSC in lieu of Urdu Compulsory subject to the Board's approval​