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AKU-EB views assessment as only being one component of the greater whole of its educational philosophy. Our long-term aim in the development of education in Pakistan is to include improved teacher development and resources, improve the overall quality of education received by students in Pakistan and making both secondary and higher secondary education accessible to lower and middle income students.

The AKU-EB philosophy places a premium on concept based learning with experiential practices, testing students on their understanding and application of learned concepts rather than regurgitating them ad verbatim. This also leads to an emphasis being placed on critical thinking and reasoning skills, with a culture of independent research and intellectual curiosity driving our students in their pursuits. Valuable life skills such as teamwork, responsibility, listening/observation skills and communication skills are also imparted.

In addition, we host and organize an interactive endeavor to assist school heads, principals and institutional leaders across Pakistan to connect and assist one another in matters of institutional development, knowledge transfer and school improvement programmes, known as the “Principals’ Network”.

We strive to ensure inclusiveness in all of our programmes, aiming to deliver an educational experience that does not discriminate against citizens based on ethnicity, gender, religion or disability.​​​​

Professional Development
Principals' Network