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Aga Khan University Examination Board invests heavily in learning materials because of our belief that they are central to the inquiry-based model of learning that we follow. These materials facilitate the implementation of our syllabi and also create common ground for students, teachers and our examiners to base both learning and assessment goals on.

The variety of our materials ensures that students across Pakistan are not hampered on the basis of their geographical location, gender or socio-economic status. Standard examples here include access to past papers from the AKU-EB system and syllabi that detail our learning expectations, outcomes and reading material.

In some cases, learning materials help overcome a particular obstacle that students may face. For example, our English Literature and Urdu anthologies ensure that all reading material specified by the national curriculum’s requirements is found in one location, rather than forcing our students to purchase multiple books for the sake of keeping up with the syllabus.

These resources can help to provide clarity for teachers implementing our syllabi– the Middle School Programme (MSP) project samples and MSP rubrics, to use two pertinent examples, act as guiding resources.​

Learning resources for SSC and HSSC
Learning resources for MSP