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Jenabai Awards

In pursuit of fostering academic excellence and quality education across Pakistan, AKU Examination Board launched the Jenabai Awards scholarship programme for AKU-EB students across Pakistan. The scholarship is directed towards recognising and honouring the outstanding academic achievement of AKU-EB students, and to support their future aspirations.

Named after the esteemed Jenabai Hussainali Shariff Family, the Jenabai Awards comprise of 100 merit-based scholarships cov​ering the a​nnual examination fees for three consecutive grades: SSC-II (Grade 10), HSSC-I (Grade 11) and HSSC-II (Grade 12). Starting from 2024, the scholarship is awarded on the basis of students' outstanding performance in SSC-I (Grade 9) examinations. This scholarship is a hallmark of the Board's collective dedication to ensuring that its​ students have access to quality education that equips them with skills, knowledge and competencies necessary to thrive in an ever changing world.

The Jenabai Awards will empower students to embark on a journey that unlocks their pathways to the successful future they aspire to achieve. ​This prestigious initiative is an opportunity to shape their future and the world around them. ​

AKU-EB gratefully acknowledges the Jenabai Hussainali Shariff Family's generosity in funding the Jenabai Awards and their trust in the quality of education that AKU-EB provides across Pakistan.