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SJ ds.png
Dr Shehzad Jeeva (PhD)

Director - AKU-EB and Assistant Professor - FAS - AKU

Shehzad's duties include promoting quality education through examinations for secondary school and higher secondary school levels, training of teachers and development of supplementary materials. He is also responsible for offering public examinations based on the national curriculum, promoting effective educational assessment and establishing procedures for the conduct of examinations through participative processes.
NY ds.png
Dr Naveed Yousuf (PhD)

Associate Director, Assessment - AKU-EB and Assistant Professor, Educational Development - FHS - AKU

Naveed is responsible for the psychometric quality of assessments and research projects and has been instrumental in enhancing both. He spearheaded the new item review and banking process and developed competency based assessment for the Middle School Programme. He plays a pertinent role in mentoring staff in areas of assessment and curriculum development.

HS ds.png
Mr Hanif Shariff

Associate Director, Operations - AKU-EB

Hanif manages the operations department at AKU-EB and also handles various administrative and financial matters. Since joining EB, some of his major initiatives include development and preparations of SOPs and system improvement processes, procuring an in-house production printer for producing exam papers and the setting up of CCTV for monitoring exam centers across Pakistan.
ZM ds.png
Mr Zain-ul-Muluk

Manager, Examination Development - AKU-EB

Zain oversees the process of examination development which involves managing the team of academic specialists that write the exams, hiring academic staff, item writers, item reviewers, examiners, e-markers and subject panelists for various disciplines and also maintaining appropriate records and reports.

RH ds.png
Ms Raabia Hirani

Manager, Curriculum Development - AKU-EB

Raabia leads the curriculum development team in all syllabi-related activities, including review and revision, development of new syllabi and development of syllabus-related learning resources. These activities ensure that the AKU-EB syllabi are regularly updated to reflect clarity and relevance as per the changing needs of students, teachers and society.