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Part of what makes AKU-EB’s approach to education unique is that creating syllabi and conducting examinations comprise only one part of our relationship with affiliated schools. In addition to these facilities, we also offer several services that schools and students may avail themselves of.

School Affiliation, E-Enrollment, Online Results and School Profiles are all online services that schools can use both to apply for AKU-EB affiliation, to register students for examination sessions and to view results for examinations online; online results can also be accessed by individual students in order to view their own results. We also provide all of our affiliated schools with a School Performance Report following each examination period, which represents AKU-EB’s assessment of the school’s performance for the examination session.

Our website also contains a number of PDF forms that both students and schools can use to order learning support materials such as past papers and learning DVDs, correct their personal information details, request duplicate admissions cards and essentially access a one window service that connects them directly to AKU-EB without needing to go through a third party.

Our goal with these services is to present an approach examination board that supports both students and schools in matters of logistics and problem solving.​

Online Results
School Profiles
Various Forms