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​​Stadium Road and Karimabad Campuses
Call 1900 or for any emergency situation that requires an immediate response.
​General safety and security services, call ext. 2682
Fire emer​gency, call ext. 1600
Facilities management and repairs, call ext. 2502 or 2503
IT support, call ext. 3434
Swtichboard, call +92 21 3493 0051

How to respond in an Emergency
Report the emergency to your Safety and Security team.
There may be many circumstances, when you have to leave a building. If you have to evacuate, remember to follow the instructions of the emergency personnel and walk calmly and quietly to the nearest exit. 
Drop, cover and hold o​n. Stay away from windows and object that may fall. After shaking stops, evacuate to your designated evacuation area.

Report the location and nature of fire. Activate the closest fire alarm and evacuate to the designated evacuation area.​​
​Medical Emergency
Call the University Safety and Security team and stay with the person​ until help arrives.​
Do not enter the flooded area. Call ​ the Fa​​cilities Management team.