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Fatema Quaid Joher

During her school life, it was challenging for Fatema to manage time between studies and other activities, but being an AKU-EB student she learned this skill.  “It’s difficult to be comprehensive and precise when your mind is stuffed with myriad of ideas, but thanks to AKU-EB who has prepared me to be precise yet confident.” 

Securing a nation-wide 1st position in HSSC was not an easy task for Fatema, the biggest goal for her was to improve and perform better, learn from mistakes and put in her best efforts.  “Wherever, I stand to​day, I believe is due to the critical and balanced learning environment I as a student was offered by AKU-EB. AKU-EB has prepared me in the best way for my further studies and I think I am ready to face the world now,” shared Fatema. 

Besides studying, Fatema likes to sketch and paint during her spare time as she aspires to become a Graphic Designer.

​Fatema secured the nation-wide 1st position in AKU-EB HSSC Examinations for 2015. Currently she is a scholarship student, pursuing BS Computer Science at the Habib University, Karachi. “The influence and power of technology over our lives and an increasing number of women participation in this field kindled a spirit of interest within me to study computer sciences​.”

Ali Hassan 

An AKU-EB Alumni, Ali is currently enrolled in University of Wollongong in Dubai, UAE for his Master of Engineering Management, Majors in Business Engineering. ​While completing his Maters, he is also working as a Sales Channel Development and Customer Relations Trainee at BMW Group Middle East.

Passionate to develop complex market strategies, Ali feels proud to be associated with renowned engineering firms where he can analyse the market trends with the help of data simulation and with that complex data analysis he designs and implement sales and market strategies. Engineers are considered to be only best at manufacturing setups but Ali uses a combination of both technical and managerial skills to develop something out of the box.

“After working in world class engineering and manufacturing firms, I have perceived that in Pakistan we need to develop a very strong linkage between industries and universities where students can do regular internships and industrial projects to apply their theoretical knowledge.” In future Ali plans to invest his skills, knowledge and resources for the betterment of Pakistan, additionally he also wants to start an internship program for students in universities where they can choose their respective field. A fluent speaker of English, Urdu, German, Persian and Sindhi, Ali is learning Spanish to enhance his linguistics ability.

​​ ​​

Nachnani Ekta

Nachnani Ekta is currently studying Arts and Business Co-op at the University of Waterloo, Canada after completing her HSSC with AKU-EB. She also received a merit scholarship from her university.

Reflecting on her success, Ekta shared that it was a challenge for her to move out from her hometown in interior Sindh and settle in Karachi for higher education. While adjusting in the new environment she felt that the education system AKU-EB offers was very demanding but later her views changed. “AKU-EB helped me come out of rote learning and regular pattern of education that I followed during my secondary education, it helped me to explore more and look at the different scopes of the same thing. AKU-EB polished my skills as a learner and made me realized that there is no end to learning, the more you explore the more you learn.”

Dreaming to become a business woman in future, Ekta’s message for other students is, “Never stop dreaming, if you don’t dream, you will not achieve. Never stop exploring, the  more you explore the more you learn, diversify your circle of learning, ask questions and keep working hard because that is when you will find the right option for you.”​

Dr Abdul Haseeb Bhutta 

An Alumni of AKU-EB, Dr Abdul Haseeb Bhutta completed his 5 years of Doctor of Physical Therapy from Isra University and is currently working as a Lecturer at PIHS Islamabad and also continuing with his house-job as Sports Doctor Of Physical Therapy at Rehabilitation an treatment wing Pakistan sports board. He is also currently studying M.Phil. Sports Medicine and Manipulative Physical Therapy from Isra University. 

Haseeb encourages the education pattern he was provided in AKU-EB, he says, “The education and knowledge which I received from AKU-EB helped me out at every step of my life to build my career.” Due to his communication and conceptual skills, Haseeb was selected amongst 2000 students of Isra University for the international Conference on Neurological Rehabilitation 2015 and also, Gulf Education Expo 2015, to represent Pakistan. 

In Haseeb’s point of view, his experiences through his student life helped in achieving his certain goals, he states, “Struggling for clinical skills during my student life and full involvement in the extracurricular activity and theoretical studies are the main reasons for what I am today.” 

An avid photographer and hiker, while encouraging other students he quotes, “Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today - Benjamin Franklin”

Masooma Maryum 

An AKU-EB Alumni, Masooma completed her HSSC from Bahria College, Karachi and is currently serving as a Captain in Pakistan Army. 

Masooma believes that every challenge that comes your way manifests in itself an opportunity to learn. As a student the biggest challenge for her was to keep a healthy balance between work and life as an individual.  “This mind-set coupled with copious amounts of hard work and self-belief has helped me tackle obstacles otherwise I wouldn't be able to surmount,” she shares. 

“I have this belief instilled in me, that I can do anything I put my mind to. This unshakable belief in my own self, peppered with valuable advice and love from my parents and teachers have helped me consistently achieve the goals I set out for myself. With the unique learning pattern of AKU-EB, I was able to graduate from school being a confident young girl having sound education and knowledge. ”

​Her greatest accomplishment so far was to witness the pride in her parents' eyes when she received Cane of Honor during passing out parade at Pakistan Military Academy (PMA).  Besides serving the nation, Masooma enjoys reading, traveling and hanging out with friends during her free time. ​

Faraz Ali

Faraz secured highest marks in ‘Business Mathematics’ and ‘Principles of Accounting – I’ in HSSC Part I, 2014, all over Sindh followed by 3rd position in Commerce group all over Pakistan.  Currently he is studying BS in Accounting and Finance from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi.

According to Faraz, the biggest challenge he faced was IBA’s aptitude test, he highly value the questioning pattern of AKU-EB exams and feels that his admission was facilitated by AKU-EB as he was familiar with similar test formats. “AKU-EB examination question patterns meet international standards so this really minimized the efforts of preparing for some different pattern.’’

Moreover, Faraz illuminated and appreciated AKU-EB conceptual and activity based learning, which has helped him doing well in studies yet indulging with different activities at his university. Faraz often enjoys political shows and talking about current circumstances of our country. Faraz is proud to be an AKU-EB candidate and his accomplishment at HSSC level. “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen’ and luckily I’m the third one.”

Zulfia Kiran

Zulfia has recently completed her HSSC from AKU-EB and now she is a student of Economics at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) with 100% scholarship. She was also a recipient of one year long YES programme in US.

Zulfia aims to appear in Central Superior Services (CSS) exam as she wants to pave the way for women of her village. Delighted to be a part of AKU-EB she shared, "My five years of bond with AKU-EB has helped me tremendously to grow into a better, professional and determined person. AKU-EB taught me to question my understanding and come up with reasons. AKU-EB taught me to trust myself by discouraging cheating and rote learning."

During her school days Zuflia has been actively involved in sports and extracurricular activities, she has received several national and international awards which includes an award of completion of 100+ community service hours from the US Department of States during an exchange year programme. She has also received an award from the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board (AKYSB) in recognition of her commitment to global citizenship, cultural exchange, leadership and service contribution of 50 volunteer hours rendered to community of Mombasa, Kenya during the Global Encounters` camp. 

Zohaib Arif 

Zohaib Arif is pursuing his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at Swinburne University Of Technology, Hawthorn, Melbourne on 25% scholarship after completing his HSSC from AKU-EB.

As a child Zohaib was interested in the field of Science and enjoyed working with tools which motivated him to choose the field of Engineering. Beaming with enthusiasm, Zohaib was always ready to face the challenges in his student life; he was always forthcoming when it comes to participating in seminars, projects and other extracurricular activities. Cherishing to be a part of AKU-EB he shared, “AKU-EB helped me to broaden my way of thinking and style of learning. I use to understand the concept of topics what my teacher use to teach, how I can deal with problems in mathematics, physics while I keep up the pace with my other class fellows.”  

Coping up with his student life in Australia, Zohaib cooks for himself and enjoys playing musical instruments during his free time. 

Sajida Raza 

After completing her SSC and HSSC from AKU-EB, Sajida is currently a second year MBBS student at the Aga Khan University. 

A High Achiever in Physics HSSC Part I, year 2012, Sajida was interested in medicine since childhood and hence decided to study medicine based on her potential, abilities and support from family.

“It was a challenge for me to obtain good marks in the entry tests of different medical colleges I applied for and secondly to compete with students from the best schools of Pakistan. Being a student of AKUEB, I have figured out that the way we used to study in our school was very different from students in other schools. Our curriculum was advance for every subject especially for English.”

Sajida also shared that being an AKU-EB student she became an independent learner and thus not remained confined to one particular text book for learning. During her free time she enjoys drawing, reading books, and playing badminton and other sports.