University Destination Survey 2012

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University Destination Survey Results Highlight National and International Placements of AKU-EB Alumni

October 2, 2012

​“AKU-EB developed a habit of conceptual learning in me…”

“Marking is very fair. Paper pattern covers the whole syllabus … and no cheating!”

“SLOs were the best … my English listening is greatly improved … ”

Above are just few of the comments made by the third HSSC cohort alumni while sharing their experience with AKU-EB. Conceptual learning, fair e-Marking, and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) stood at the top among several unique strengths of AKU-EB identified by a group of 749 alumni across Pakistan who we were able to reach during the University Destination Survey 2011-2012.

So, many many thanks to all alumni who participated so enthusiastically in this year’s Survey.

Talking to alumni, and in some cases to the parents, was a true pleasure. They were very open and articulate when sharing their overall experience with AKU-EB. Conducted via telephone and emails, the Survey provided a deeper and broader picture of the impact of AKU-EB’s mission of helping to improve the quality of education, and attested the vastly growing recognition of the Certificate both nationally and internationally.

The main objective of the Survey was to keep in touch with AKU-EB’s alumni and find out how they are doing in their educational pursuits. According to the Survey report, 76% of the group of 749 alumni who we were able to interview have obtained admissions to universities of their choice across Pakistan and abroad. The rest are those that AKU-EB couldn’t reach.

The highlight of this year’s Survey was admissions to universities internationally. The Survey identified a 183 per cent increase in international placements – almost three times higher than 2010.  Some of these institutions are highly renowned for their academic excellence. 

“I was overwhelmed with joy when I learned about my acceptance to Mt. Holyoke with a 92 per cent scholarship of $46,000 annually for four years! Another highlight was that I received a full scholarship to attend the Millennium Campus Conference at Harvard University. I am one of the only 61 Pakistani Student Ambassadors to USA and also a Presidential Students Service awardee by the President of United States. Thanks to AKU-EB," said Komal Ali - Studying International Relations at Mt. Holyoke College Massachusetts, USA.

Even nationally, alumni have landed in Pakistan’s top universities pursuing a wide range of academic interests including Science, Business and Commerce, Engineering, Arts and Humanities, Medicine, Nursing, etc. 
National Placements

“I would suggest the system to all schools and colleges in Pakistan to eliminate corruption. E-marking is very fair. I really liked the paper pattern as it covers the whole syllabus which improved the way I study and now enables me to compete well with my fellow students at Dow Medical College. I am glad I am free of rote learning because I was really bad at it. I am glad I studied with AKU-EB for full four years,” said Ali Shah Feroze – Studying at Dow Medical College (DMC)

Just like every year, we gained another opportunity to learn from the alumni first-hand about how AKU-EB has been serving them.

“These are reassuring results, not only for us but for everyone: students, parents and schools. Next year, we expect to have even better outcomes. Our hard work to help our candidates improve on their learning habits and excel in competition for admissions in the universities worldwide is paying off. It is deeply satisfying,” commented Karima Kara, Associate Director, AKU-EB.

The whole team of AKU-EB feels encouraged to know that the majority of alumni expressed an extremely favorable overall opinion about how the quality of their learning experience with AKU-EB has equipped them for higher level education.

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