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January 30, 2013

​Meet our alumni in AKU-EB's Calendar for the year 2013. 

The much appreciated new Calendar introduces our alumni who have gotten admissions to top institutions of higher education across Pakistan and internationally. What's new about this year's calendar is that it highlights the achievements of our alumni as well as how the faculty of their university is recognising their performance and that of AKU-EB.

You may also download your own copy and use it as your year's planner. AKU-EB's schedule of major activities and events within the Calendar will help you keep track of your important academic deadlines and follow-ups related to AKU-EB.

We are thankful to all of our alumni who so enthusiastically participated in the making of this Calendar despite their tough exam schedules. Our heartiest thanks to the professors for their valuable feedback on how AKU-EB has been preparing its candidates for success in the institutions of higher education and beyond both, nationally and internationally.  

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