Five-Day Workshop at Bahria Foundation College

News 2013

Improving Learning through Enhanced Teaching and Assessment:

​Five-Day Workshop at Bahria Foundation College

January 21, 2013

​Right before ringing in the New Year, AKU-EB conducted its last workshop of the year at Bahria Foundation College in Noshehro Feroz. This five-day workshop (December 24-28, 2012) focused on training the coordinators and senior teachers of Inter Bahria Foundation Colleges (IBFC) the techniques of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.

Attended by 30 participants from 12 of the Inter Bahria Colleges based in Naushehro Feroz, Jacobabad, Gulistan-e-Sajjad, Kandiaro, Khairpur, Sanghar, Tando Mohammad Khan, Hyderabad, Khairpur and Mirpurkhas, the Workshop was aimed at raising the standard of education in Bahria Foundation Schools by improving the quality of teaching and assessment.

The teachers attending the Workshop learned how to create an active learning environment in classrooms by focusing on effective lesson planning and micro-teaching techniques. Teachers were given hands-on experience on developing Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs); designing MCQs and CRQs; importance of social interaction; critical feedback; Micro-Teaching and tools of assessment. During the Micro-Teaching sessions, the teachers selected by their groups presented lesson plans and further approaches to student centered teaching were discussed.    Facilitators and participants also shared ideas on how the teachers could diagnose areas of improvement through constructive feedback and formative assessment in order to foster a learning-based environment in their classrooms.  

“Construction of MCQs, ERQs and CRQs is what I liked the most about this workshop. I learned important points about formative assessment as well … I would request more such workshops …,” said one of the participants while commenting on the effectiveness of the Workshop. Other participants also found the training sessions to be very useful.

Group and team activities allowed the participants to learn from peer feedback and apply the concepts they were exposed to during the Workshop.

The Workshop in Naushehro Feroz was part of AKU-EB’s Teachers’ Professional Development Programme which runs throughout the year across Pakistan. Custom designed/ tailor-made trainings could also be requested as per the needs of your School or College. If you would like to get more information, please contact your school/college (affiliated with AKU-EB only) or write to us at