HSSC Orientation Seminars 2014

Orientation Seminars by AKU-EB for Intermediate and Higher Studies

April 8, 2014

There was complete silence in the big hall packed with 10th Grade students at Bai Virbaiji Soparivala Parsi (BVS) High School as they reflected on the thought provoking questions raised by AKU-EB representative.

“Why do you think our country is facing challenges in major areas of development? How can we find the solution to these challenges? Why the skilled workforce in Pakistan is less than 8%? Why do universities need entry tests? Why do they not accept the Higher Secondary School Certificate grades at face value?

As the discussion further unfolded, the students were helped in critically analysing this scenario by connecting the dots and reach helpful conclusions. The nods of their heads, while some looking at each other, signaled as if they were somewhat able to find a clue to the possible reasons themselves.

This discussion was part of the six Orientation Seminars held in the last two months in Karachi especially designed to help the 10th grade students to understand what to expect and how to better prepare themselves for further studies in HSSC/Intermediate, higher education and the world of work after obtaining their SSC/Matric certificate.

Attended by a total of 715 candidates and 36 teachers at six different schools in Karachi, these interactive Seminars engaged students in thinking about the power of timely and informed choices which can positively impact the chances of success in their education, careers, and life ahead.

The students were also guided to understand the demands of higher education and the professional world in the 21st century and what could help prepare them to succeed against competitors across Pakistan and abroad.

"Critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills along with a set of other life skills are key in competing and succeeding globally. If you understand the concepts, you can find solutions to any problems, in any circumstances," advised the AKU-EB representative.

Inspiring success stories of AKU-EB alumni were also shared to help students learn how alumni were able to reach where they are today. 

All those attending, students and teachers alike, found the Seminars to be very helpful, reflective and informative topped off with answers to questions related to AKU-EB qualifications, HSSC certificates and university admissions.

“This seminar was useful not only for students but also for the teachers. There was a lot of factual information given which is critical for future decision making,” commented one of the teachers.

As AKU-EB aims to help prepare a skilled workforce for Pakistan, it plans to continue these Seminars after the May 2014 Examination session in other regions of operation, too across Pakistan.

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