​Student Feedback for Syllabus Review 2017

March 3, 2017

This year AKU-EB is revising the syllabi for the following subjects: 

General ScienceFood and NutritionPrinciples of Commerce 
Computer ScienceGeneral MathematicsHome Economics
English Literature

Regarding this, teacher feedback procedure has already been shared with the schools that offer these subjects. However, students are also an important part of the implementation of the syllabi as the students, with the help of their teachers, are required to achieve the student learning outcomes (SLOs). It is important for us that the syllabi are easy for students to understand and they are able to take the ownership for their own learning. Hence, this year, AKU-EB is also taking feedback from all the students who are currently studying the subjects being revised. Students will fill the form for the syllabus of the year in which they are currently studying. They may fill the form for as many subjects as they like, however, we would request that they fill at least ONE form for the subject in which they have the maximum concerns. 

Online feedback form

We look forward to receiving the feedback forms by Friday, March 10, 2017.
Should you have any query or need assistance in filling out the form, please feel free to get in touch via emailing at or by calling our colleague Banazeer Yaqoob on 021 36827011-8 Ext. 8740.    

NOTE: Those 9th graders who are awaiting their admit card can mention their registration form number instead of enrollment number on the form. 


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