About AKU-EB


About AKU-EB

Aga Khan University Examination Board is a National Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education that offers qualifications in both English and Urdu for Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary School Certificate. Our primary purpose is to improve the quality of education across Pakistan by making examinations of reputable standard more accessible to students and increasingly valued by leading higher education institutions within and outside the country. Learn more​ ...​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

News & Events

​​AKU-EB's first Principals' Conference brings together educators from across the country to collaborate, learn and excel.

​​​90% of AKU-EB Students Pass the NED Entrance Test​​​​​​​

AKU-EB Middle School Programme Launch in Gilgit​

​AKU-EB SSC and HSSC results are announced. Students and affiliated schools can check the results online

​AKU-EB exams: Girls outperform boys this year too

​AKU-EB SSC and HSSC Results to be announced soon

AKU-EB Videos​

Why Choose AKU-EB?
This video presentation will answer all your questions about why you should choose AKU-EB whether you are a parent, a student, a school or a teacher. 

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